Products & Services

NWS, a leader in the welding industry, specializes in working with various metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and exotic alloys. We offer a range of welding services, including MIG, TIG, and Flux Core, to clients across industries such as construction, marine, and oil and gas. Our team, known for safety and quality, serves clients from small businesses to national brands throughout Texas.

General Welding, Maintenance & Fabrication

NWS has extensive experience with structural repairs to heavy equipment and machinery including:

Marine Welding, Maintenance & Fabrication

Most marine is usually specialized stainless or aluminum. NWS has fabricated, repaired, and performed maintenance on a variety of marine equipment including:

Energy Welding, Maintenance & Fabrication

Oil, Gas, Power, Green

Energy is primarily carbon steel, structural, beams and formed materials. Fabrication and repairs include:

Food Service Welding, Maintenance & Fabrication

NWS specializes in restaurant and food processing equipment with expertise on stainless steel structural repairs, sanitized welds, and process piping. We have extensive years of experience with conveyor installs, re-routing, demo, and retrofitting for custom applications.